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Xtenex Laces are the best elastic laces in the world and are popular with professional athletes; from golfers to distance runners to triathletes. They are also are perfect for anyone who wears casual shoes, senior shoes, orthopedic shoes, medical shoes, diabetic shoes, children’s shoes and everyone else in between. The unique “knotted” design addresses the source of footwear related pain, discomfort and injury, while giving athletes everywhere the best performance and comfort.



Xtenex was set out to create athletic shoelaces that was superior to cotton laces in every way. Cotton laces have basically remained unchanged since they were first created. The problem with cotton laces is that they do not stretch or move with your feet, making them a poor choice for runners and athletes. Over time runners who use cotton laces will experience increased foot pain and an increased risk of injury. Take one look at our shoe laces and you will likely notice some major differences between Xtenex laces and your average cotton shoelace. The first thing that you will notice is that Xtenex laces are covered in knots. These little knots are specifically designed to ensure that your running laces will never slip or move giving your shoe the perfect fit and support every time.


Knots are great, but anyone can tie knots in their shoelace right? Actually the real difference comes from what’s inside our laces. Inside each of our shoe laces is a rubber core covered in an elastic fabric. This allows the laces to stretch and move with your foot when you run, making our laces perfect for triathletes, mud runners, marathoners, and everyday athletes alike.



- The Xtenex Lace expands during natural foot swelling and eliminates foot compression.

- The lace does not slip — the knots maintain the original fit by restricting involuntary lace movement through the eyelets; increasing comfort and keeping the foot stable in the foot bed.

- No plastic pieces are needed.

- Eliminates “dual-compression impact” (impact #1 = shoe sole hits ground / impact #2 = foot hits foot bed of shoe).

- A lace shoe is made into a slip-on — Never tie you shoelaces again!

- Asymmetrical lacing — the shoe upper can be molded to the natural non-symmetric form of the foot by independently adjusting the tension between each set of eyelets. The unique ability to have different tension zones along the entire lacing system results in a custom fit every time.

- Enhanced lateral stabilization is achieved by increasing the tension along the left or right side of a shoe upper. This helps to stabilize and support the foot within the foot bed while enhancing footwear and foot care technologies such as orthotics, arch supports and insole technologies.


Available in the following colours, not all colours are available in all sizes

               (to see a colour please drop in or contact for more information)


Black, White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Brown, Beige/Vanilla, SIlver, Gold, Sage, Royal Blue, Light blue, Royal Blue/White, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Light Pink, Purple, Red/White/Blue, Red, Camo

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