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Are you ready for a change? Do you have a goal to lose weight, tone your body, feel more energetic and improve your general health? Do you have kids involved in sports or activities looking to prepare for an upcoming season or during the season? Are you just looking for something


We can help! Our certified personal trainer will perform an assessment to understand your current fitness level, needs and goals. We pride ourselves in individualizing every training program to ensure you continue to see improvement and results. Our trainers will continue to motivate and encourage you throughout your workout! There is no CAN'T in a Trainers vocabulary and there shouldn't be a CAN'T in yours either!


At Breakaway Therapy & Training we believe you don't have to be an Athlete to Train like one!


We Offer

- One-on-One, Couples & Group, or Team Training available

- Injury Prevention Training 

- Functional Training 

- Sports Specific Training

One-on-One Personal Training


At Breakaway, we pride ourselves on not just using the cookie cutter training approach. We understand that each client has different needs and different goals. We do a NO CHARGE assessment for each client to help ensure we can create an individualized program based on their individual needs. All of our clients then receive personalized programing, nutritional guidance and accountability.  We love to work with clients of any age(including children) and any fitness level.


We will take the CAN’T out of your training and help you realize you CAN accomplish all of your goals whether it be weight loss, improved health, overall fitness level and strength, or sport specific training!


1 Session (1hr) - $60 + including HST

Two-on-One Personal Training

Do you find personal training a little intimidating or do you have a friend or partner you would like to workout with? Two-on-one training can be a little bit more cost effective as well. 


Included in the Two-on-One Personal Training sessions is a NO CHARGE initial assessment to understand the needs and goals of both participants. We will incorporate many different training methods including some that are fun and interactive involving both clients working together. Partner training allows you to motivate each other towards your goals and adds accountability to yourself as well as each other.

1 Session (1hr) - $70 including HST ($35 including HST/person)

Bootcamp - Both adult and Youth

Challenge yourself with one of our high pace bootcamps or work at your own pace to slowly get yourself up to speed. Our bootcamps are done both outdoors and indoor depending on the weather. The bootcamp classes are geared to all fitness levels and ages. Modifications are offered from beginner to advanced exercises to ensure everyone is pushing themself with each exercise!


Bootcamp contains strengthening, speed, agility, quickness, power and cardio training to tone and tighten your body from head to toe.


  • 8-12 Bootcamp Sessions – 1-2x’s per week $160-$240+tax ($20.00 per session)

  • 8 Week Youth Bootcamp Package 2x’s per week – $288.00+tax ($18.00 per session)

  • Drop-In Rate - $25.00 cash

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